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3M Desk/Office Cleaner Spray

3m Desk/office Cleaner Spray

6.06 USD
Just squirt this fast-acting cleaner on desktops, cabinets and painted surfaces then clean off. Nonabrasive office cleaner cuts through the grease and dirt which collects. Nonoil, nonstick foaming activity stops running on vertical surfaces. Excellent for all surfaces like desktops, office furniture, cabinets, painted surfaces, plastic-made surfaces as well as...

3M Polyethylene Coated Duct Tape

3m Polyethylene Coated Duct Tape

13.46 USD
This particular industrial-grade duct tape provides the tensile strength as well as adhesion for splicing, hiding, patching, seaming, hanging poly sheeting, closing PVC piping, covering trip dangers and a host of other industrial applications. The high tensile strength offers a protected hold under stress. Tape bonds to most rough as...

3M??? Red Buffer Pad 5100

3m??? Red Buffer Pad 5100

17.63 USD
Buffer pads are specially created for squirt cleaning or dried up buffing during floor maintenance. Take with rotary or automatic gear with low velocities from 175 to 600 RPM. Each Red Buffer Pad 1500 cleanses when moist and buffs when dry. 12 diameter pads fast clean and eliminate scuff...

3M H700 Series Ratchet Suspension Hard Hat

3m H700 Series Ratchet Suspension Hard Hat

14.75 USD
Hard Hat is built to help offer lengthy comfort, head protection, balance as well as stability. The lightweight design comes with a replaceable brow pad as well as design that is distinctive to the pinnacle of the hat with a short brim for more effective upward visibility. A four-point ratchet...

3M??? General Purpose Vinyl Tape 764 Yellow

3m??? General Purpose Vinyl Tape 764 Yellow

3.69 USD
General-purpose Vinyl Tape 764 may be utilized in noncritical applications including color-coding bundling and security marking short-term marking of parts or machines and also protecting elements, equipment or products from abrasion. The noncorrosive, abrasion-resistant tape is conformable to contours, moisture-resistant and wear-resistant. It is easy to put...

3M Corded Foam Ear Plugs

3m Corded Foam Ear Plugs

168.25 USD
Soft, corded earplugs conform to the distinctive shape of every ear for superb hearing protection as well as comfort. Comfortable, cloth cable can help prevent earplug loss. Tapered design fits comfortably in the ear canal and also comes with a smooth, dirt-resistant surface for hygiene. Earplugs are produced of soft...

3M 907 Glazing & Spot Putty ~ 4.5 oz

3m 907 Glazing & Spot Putty ~ 4.5 Oz

3.69 USD
b BONDO R GLAZING SPOT PUTTY /b br br ul li Bondo R glazing spot putty is a 1-part putty /li li Fills defects, pinholes in body filler, - /li li chafing, paint chips...

3M Flat Mop System

3m Flat Mop System

213.49 USD
Easy Scrub Flat Mop System comes with an easy streamlined design which removes mops and buckets and also enables easy maneuverability. The handle holds 15 oz. of remedy. Try pushing the switch on the top part to dispense your cleaning solution as necessary. Mop drag is as much as 10...