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Nigel the Ninja

Nigel The Ninja

5.24 USD
Nigel the Ninja is on a mission to learn about martial arts and also complete his training. To do that, he must discover exactly how other young martial artists study and then conduct themselves, in class and in life! A source of fun and inspiration, Nigel is a terrific add-on...

Jeet Kune Do Volume 1

Jeet Kune Do Volume 1

14.99 USD
Paul Vunak starts with the fundamental kick boxing drills as well as tools education created by Bruce Lee and Dan Inosanto then continues with trapping, dummy education, knife combat and more.Seven titles to select from. Volume 1.Jun Fan Kickboxing Part 1.Includes basic drills as well as tools training.Approx. 60...

12 oz. Women's Heavyweight Canvas Jacket

12 Oz. Women's Heavyweight Canvas Jacket

20.09 USD
This bright pink 12 oz., 100 cotton canvas uniform is cut specifically for female martial artists. The 3/4-length sleeves and extended side slits permit a better range of activity during instruction, while front as well as back darts create the feminine fit. The unique tapered crossover design guarantees...