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Memory Foam Crescent Headrest Cushion in White

Memory Foam Crescent Headrest Cushion In White

72.07 USD
Create a pleasant massage atmosphere for your clients with this particular memory foam crescent headrest cushion, a luxurious, gentle cushion which conforms to the contours of the facial skin for unparalleled comfort. The pillow is pronounced from heat sensitive viscoelastic foam and it is readily available in cream. Nearly all...

Deluxe Adjustable Hanging Armrest for Stationary Tables

Deluxe Adjustable Hanging Armrest For Stationary Tables

138.88 USD
Create massages much more comfortable for bigger, more broad-shouldered clients with this durable adjustable armrest, designed to be installed on stationary massage tables and elevated if needed. The cushioned armrest is basically vinyl and can be purchased in your choice of colors. Does not include predrilled holes. Provides additional shoulder...