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Gutermann Sew-All Thread 274yd-Light Fawn

Gutermann Sew-all Thread 274yd-light Fawn

5.83 USD
GutermannSewAll Thread All of Gutermanns threads is produced to a high specification offering exceptional abrasion resistance and are assured knotfree Sewall thread provides a high quality thread that will sew every type of fabric and an enormous color range also The Gutermann reel provides tall reel with crosswound thread for...

Gutermann Extra Strong Thread 110yd-Burgundy

Gutermann Extra Strong Thread 110yd-burgundy

5.62 USD
GUTERMANNExtra Strong Polyester Thread Thanks to its balanced elasticity and recovery Gutermann Polyester Thread is perfect for sewing any kind of clothing fabric and light weight fabric like ripstop nylons and oxfords Each stitch is uniform and seams do not pucker regardless of if the fabric is natural synthetic or...