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MMF Horizontal Desk File Trays

Mmf Horizontal Desk File Trays

64.68 USD
Horizontal organizer keeps important documents at your fingertips with many, horizontal file trays. Each and every paper tray includes an ID label holder to personalize whitening trays and also determine documents without taking them from the organizer. Organizer easily holds many mixtures of documents, kinds, magazines, accounts, catalogs, sales orders...

MMF Nylon Vault Key-hole Signals

Mmf Nylon Vault Key-hole Signals

8.00 USD
Vault Keyhole Signals quickly signal the status of locks to personnel as well as exterior owners with a color-coded system. They are ideal for use at banks, rented facilities or maybe post offices. Made of colorfast, nonchip nylon, the 7/8 prongs properly engage fastener tumblers for a tight fit....

MMF Cloth Transit Mail Bag

Mmf Cloth Transit Mail Bag

23.85 USD
Reusable, durable mail bag is basically postage-saving, lightweight, abrasion-resistant, wear-resistant three-ply nylon bonded to cotton cloth. Ideal for sending bulk mail, samples, office supplies or small parcels. The zipper closure will keep contents secure in transit and also can be coupled with a combination lock or maybe a security seal...