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Pavoni KITPL04 Pavogel Hinged Silicone Ice-Cream-Mold Set, Honolulu

Pavoni Kitpl04 Pavogel Hinged Silicone Ice-cream-mold Set, Honolulu

59.50 USD
The four the same molds in this set are every the PL04 Honolulu mildew, so the set comes with a polycarbonate paper tray. Pavogel molds are used for shaping ice cream on a stick. The stick 50 included is inserted under the ice cream cavity in...


Pavoni "progetto Crostate" Perforated Stainless Round Tart Ring 3/4" (2cm) High - 6-3/4" (17cm)

23.20 USD
Progetto Crostate quot Project Tarts quot Ring/Band/Frame Stainless metal Brushed surface Thickness 1/32 inch 1mm Hole size 3/64 inch 1.2mm The job of Pavoni in concert with Chef Gianluca Fusto, Progetto Crostate rings are created for creating tarts not just with little...