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Rubbermaid Commercial 8-Bushel Collapsible X-Cart

Rubbermaid Commercial 8-bushel Collapsible X-cart

153.35 USD
Long-lasting, easy-to-maneuver basket truck effectively transports big, bulk loads, and then you can easily collapse it to reduce storage impact. Cart's width is decreased by 75 percent when collapsed. Collapsible X-Cart remains upright in the collapsed spot. Robust stainless, powder-coated frame of the 8-bushel cart stops rusting and supports 220...

Rubbermaid Commercial TCell 2.0 Air Freshener Dispenser

Rubbermaid Commercial Tcell 2.0 Air Freshener Dispenser

.03 USD
With its compact design as well as ability to be mounted to a variety of surfaces, TCell 2.0 is a great fit for offices, lobbies along with other common places where disagreeable odors can put a damper on the planet. With spill-resistance, it could be mounted to an array of...

Rubbermaid Commercial Maximizer Push/Center 18

Rubbermaid Commercial Maximizer Push/center 18" Broom

159.93 USD
Maximizer Push to Center Broom functions angled sides to shoot much more debris per stroke vs. standard format thrust brooms. Sturdy polypropylene bristles could be utilized on smooth and rough surfaces, efficiently sweeping various debris sorts. The 18 large polypropylene foam obstruct resists cracking, splitting warping as well as...

Rubbermaid Commercial Stainless Steel Hinged Top Receptacle

Rubbermaid Commercial Stainless Steel Hinged Top Receptacle

671.51 USD
Sleek Silhouettes ornamental refuse pot comes with a contemporary graphic style created to seamlessly and beautifully blend with inside modern environments. It is made of heavy-gauge, fire-safe steel for dependable, long-lasting use. Square, stainless receptacle features a leakproof rigid plastic liner to help you contain fluids and maintain the surrounding...

Rubbermaid Commercial Web Foot Shrinkless Wet Mop

Rubbermaid Commercial Web Foot Shrinkless Wet Mop

11.86 USD
Net Foot Shrinkless Wet Mop provides high end for healthcare and overall commercial upkeep apps. Together with the highest-quality antimicrobial yarns as well as construction materials, Web Foot offers great absorbency plus quickly drying to meet general-purpose floor cleaning and finishing applications. Tiny mophead with 1 headband is pre-laundered...

Rubbermaid Commercial Quick-Conn Flexible Dusting Wand

Rubbermaid Commercial Quick-conn Flexible Dusting Wand

30.50 USD
Part of the Rubbermaid Commercial Hygen Cleaning System, this particular Quick-Connect Flexible Dusting Wand with microfiber sleeve efficiently extends access and eliminates dirt from high and awkward places. 20 adaptable wand conforms to unusual surfaces for cleaning that is easy. High-pile sleeve reaches into crevices, effectively taking away dust...

Rubbermaid Commercial Brute Round Container

Rubbermaid Commercial Brute Round Container

43.77 USD
Heavy-duty round container without lid helps reduce workplace injuries as well as increase efficiency and also safety and cleanliness. New venting channels make lifting out liners 50 percent better, improving efficiency and lowering the danger of injury. Incorporated cinches secure the liner, allowing effective, knot-free liner switches. Reinforced rounded handles...