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SKILCRAFT B3 Aviator Multifunction Pen

Skilcraft B3 Aviator Multifunction Pen

27.88 USD
Uniquely created to suit flight suit along with military uniform pockets, this particular medium-point, multifunction twist pen includes black and blue ink and a 0.5mm pencil with screw-top eraser. The B3 Aviator Multifunction Pen is FOD and TAA compliant with nonreflective flat black finish on a brass-plated metal barrel. Design...

SKILCRAFT 100% Recycled Steno Books

Skilcraft 100% Recycled Steno Books

18.58 USD
Eco-friendly steno notebooks include eye-ease green paper which reduces glare as well as eyestrain. Classic Gregg-style format offers 11/32 legal/wide rulings with red middle rule. Paper is made using 100 percent recycled post-consumer materials along with a chlorine-free method that removes dangerous chlorine emissions. Wires are 90 percent recycled...

SKILCRAFT Laser Inkjet 1x4 Address Labels

Skilcraft Laser Inkjet 1x4 Address Labels

76.29 USD
High-quality, bright white, printer labels are environmentally friendly. Face sheet is made using 100 percent recycled post-consumer fiber and it is prepared chlorine-free PCF . The adhesive fulfills the USPS specification USPS-2-1238 for it to be safely recycled. Labels are both acid-free and lignin-free, which makes them nonyellowing and...

SKILCRAFT Slimline Wall Clock

Skilcraft Slimline Wall Clock

28.56 USD
Round, low-profile wall clock features Quartz action that keeps some time to 0.33 second-per-day accuracy. Design includes a white switch face, easy-to-read black Arabic numbers, black markings, black minute and hour hands, along with a red sweep second hand. Plastic-made clock frame will biodegrade within up to five years when...

SKILCRAFT Paint Marker

Skilcraft Paint Marker

41.68 USD
Oil-based color markers are ideal for use on porous and nonporous surfaces, including stone, wood, glass, plastic, metal, leather, ceramic, marble, granite, glossy surfaces, newspaper and other things. Take for heavy-duty industrial as well as expert applications , as well as ornamental purposes. Quick-drying paint resists water, sunlight, rough handling...