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Smiths Medical Bivona Flextend TTS Plus Pediatric Straight Neck Flange Tracheostomy Tubes 67PFPS40 mm Size, 4mm I.D. x

Smiths Medical Bivona Flextend Tts Plus Pediatric Straight Neck Flange Tracheostomy Tubes 67pfps40 Mm Size, 4mm I.d. X

456.99 USD
Smiths Medical 67PFPS40 Portex Bivona FlexTend TTS tracheostomy tubes are created for neonatal and pediatric patients who require intermittent or temporary cuff use. A cuff, when inflated, can help make a seal between the tube's outside structure as well as the trachea to point airflow through the internal lumen, safeguarding...

Smiths Medical Cuffed Regular D.I.C. Tracheostomy Tube 503070

Smiths Medical Cuffed Regular D.i.c. Tracheostomy Tube 503070

55.99 USD
Smiths Medical 503070 D.I.C. trach tubes are made with a throwaway, internal cannula that facilitates each patient care and can help to decrease the potential for postprocedural infection. Built-in 15 mm ISO termination for simple ventilator circuit attachment with or perhaps without internal cannula in place. D.I.C. tubes are available...