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Unger Red SmartColor Washer

Unger Red Smartcolor Washer

28.60 USD
SmartColor washer features a smooth, microfiber sleeve that absorbs up to six occasions its very own weight to easily soak up liquids and exit surfaces glistening. Durable, 15mm pile efficiently permeates modest surfaces and also eliminates grime from cracks to minimize your cleaning times. Washer is color-coded red to help...

Unger VisaVersa Squeegee Washer

Unger Visaversa Squeegee Washer

25.31 USD
Versatile cleaning application comes with a squeegee and washer in one to allow you to exercise fast and efficiently. Quick-release spring enables you to rapidly replace the channel as well as cutter for operation that is simple. Pre-assembled design does not need to be assembled for immediate use from the...