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Geocube Collection 24 Gal. Can and Bottle Recycling Container

Geocube Collection 24 Gal. Can And Bottle Recycling Container

230.80 USD
24 gallon capacity. Round opening. Compact, firesafe and also steel-constructed. Enable you to sort all your recyclable materials easily and conveniently. An appealing, functional option for airports, malls, auditoriums, or even a part of every company's recycling program. Indoor use only. Each lid includes 2 decals Cans...

Sawgrass Steel Can in Black Finish

Sawgrass Steel Can In Black Finish

1132.19 USD
Distinctive, eye appealing receptacle for just about any area. sleek and Contemporary laser cut design. Servicing is not hard with the lift off top part. Three zinc coated leveling feet with a welded 0.38 in. Dia. threaded shaft. Three anchoring feet. Black high density polyurethane rigid plastic liner. Encapsulated cable...